Product Details

Part #: MAG100-SS
Machine Size: SSL
Attachment Size: 10 BALE CAPACITY
List Price: $4,598.00 (not including Freight)
The Accumagrapple is versatile and can accommodate standard 14 x 18 square bales in lengths ranging from 36” to 42”.
Each Maxilator Accumagrapple replaces a small army of hay handlers. Easily and safely gather, accumulate, lift, load, pack, stack, and unload square bales up to 42” in length. With the guide plates and packing arms in place, the Accumagrapple stacks 8 bales in four vertical columns and finishes the stack with two horizontal “tie bales”, keeping the stack tight and stable. The guide plates and packing arms and removed in a matter of minutes with no tools, converting the Accumagrapple into a versatile grapple. Keep a packing arm on either the left or right side, and you can use it to squeeze your bales into tight stacks on a flatbed or in your barn. The Accumagrapple even comes with a machine-mounted kickstand that allows for storage in packing mode.
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