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Part #: MXSHD-S
List Price: $8,700.00 (not including Freight)
Our Patent-Pending Wrap Retention Mechanism uses a simple but clever geometry to reliably capture any wrap on all common round bales. A series of hooks penetrates and holds a thin outer layer of the bale. This uses the bundled material to spread the load, eliminating any manual alignment or wrap tears. The mechanism is simple, reliable, and uses just one small hydraulic ram. Hooks can be replaced individually and the entire cartridge design is removable for easy service and cleaning.
With the Maxilator Bale Splitter, you can be sure that your wrap will be split evenly and held securely out of your mixing equipment or livestock’s digestive systems.
Maxilator equipment is designed for the American Farmer. We build ‘em strong, and we build them to keep working when the job gets tough. In the event of damage or accidents, the Maxilator Bale Splitter is modular and components can be easily replaced. Blade teeth, blade assemblies, and even the bale retention system are sold as replacement parts and designed to be user-serviced.
The Maxilator Bale Splitter was designed for the modern American farmer. Our Bale Splitter will allow you to easily slice through round bales up to 6×6 with a standard skid steer or tractor.
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