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Part #: 3P34
Machine Size: 45HP-80HP
List Price: $7,280.00 (not including Freight)
The 3P34 PTO stump grinder is designed for tractors equipped with a 50–80 horse power motor allowing you to grind into stumps with a 34" Rotor carrying 54 replaceable carbide teeth. The rugged gear box takes up to 80 HP and develops 803 ft/lbs of stump destroying torque. Designed for Cat 2 3PH and 540 PTO this versatile stump grinder has a cutting depth of 25" above ground and 14" below ground. With direct drive from the engine, all the way through the heavy duty gear box to the teeth, a stump grinder on the PTO of a tractor is the most efficient way to use a stump grinder for lawn care or fence row clearing.
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