Product Details

Part #: AV3-5
Machine Size: 20HP-32HP
Attachment Size: 5' WORKING WIDTH
List Price: $1,618.00 (not including Freight)
Arena-Vator III
The New Arena-Vator 3 is a highly versatile tool designed for a variety of arena surfaces. The new frame design will accept scarifier shanks that break up hard ground and can be equipped with a number of accessories to meet individual requirements. The AV-3 is designed to renovate and condition horse arenas and tracks in a single pass. It produces a firm, yet giving surface that provides the most secure footing for your horses. Available in 4', 5', 6', 7' & 8' sizes. The standard unit is equipped with two rows of S-tine shanks with reversible points that loosen and cultivate the soil, an adjustable pipe leveler for leveling the soil, and a 12? diameter pipe roller to gauge the depth and pack the soil to provide a uniform finish. Quick Hitch compatible Category 1, 3-point hitch on 4', 5', 6' & 7'; Category 1 & 2 on 8' Adjustable 12? rear pipe roller 4 diameter adjustable leveling bar Two rows of heavy duty S-tines with reversible points Frame designed to accept scarifier shank kits (see brochure for kits)
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