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Part #: EX54
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EX54 Simply the toughest mulcher on the market. Proven in the most severe of applications. Tech Specs Summary Over and over again all of the EX54s ever sold (including the 11 year old prototype) are all still in service today with not even one single crippling and expensive frame or drum failure. High volume applications are where this heavy duty forestry mulcher thrives. This mulcher features a ½” QT100 double-welded main frame with ¾” end plates, 78 tonne shaker screen style bearings, 1 1/8” thick drum tube, 600hp rated polyurethane belt drive, 2” thick QT100 tool holders that do not come off (even under the most severe of impacts), powered by a Bosch Rexroth 107 or 160 cc variable displacement motor and featuring super tough rotatable spherical or beaver style cutting tools. With a five year no-fail warranty on the main frame and drum, carbide and planer type competitors – bring’em on!
Light weight design constructed with high strength steel to withstand full down pressure of boom
Unmatched boom reaction and stability even at full reach over the side
High efficiency and rotatable spherical cutters consume minimal power
Super fast spooling (roughly 4 seconds) for minimal recovery time from dead stop
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