Product Details

Part #: iMP772
Machine Size: 90HP-125HP
Attachment Size: 72" CUTTING WIDTH
List Price: $35,100.00 (not including Freight)
iMP772 Fixed Tooth Mulcher for Power Take Off on a Tractor
The 700 series Baumalight Brush Fire brush mulchers will efficiently mulch heavy brush and trees and are designed for contractors, rental and any other heavy duty mulching and land clearing. The 700 Series teeth are available in either Ripper or Planer style. The carbide Ripper tooth is the good general use tooth. Their v-shaped design shreds through brush unforgivingly and makes them less vulnerable in areas plagued by rocks and debris. The 700 Series Planer style tooth provides the most efficient cutting by smoothly chipping away at the brush. Its flat profile however makes it vulnerable to shattering on impact with rocks and other debris.
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