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Part #: iMX748R
Machine Size: 40,000LBS-60,000LBS
Attachment Size: 48" CUTTING WIDTH
List Price: $29,255.00 (not including Freight)
iMX748R Fixed Tooth Mulcher for Excavator (WITH A MOUNT AND PINS) NO HOSES PROVIDED
Same as the iMX748 the iMX748R brush mulcher will efficiently mulch heavy brush and trees and is designed for contractors, rental and any other heavy duty mulching and land clearing. The difference is aggressive root rake teeth build into the frame to rip out rocks and move logs and has a heavier duty body build with AR400 steel that is the same weight but much stronger than mild steel. Also the 700 Series teeth are available in either Ripper or Planer style. The carbide Ripper tooth is the perfect general use tooth, their v-shaped design shreds through brush unforgivingly and makes them less vulnerable in areas plagued by rocks and debris. The 700 Series Planer style tooth provides the most efficient cutting by smoothly chipping away at the brush. It’s flat profile however makes it vulnerable to shattering on impact with rocks and other debris. See our brush cutting size chart to see how much this excavator mounted forestry mulcher can tear up according to your hydraulic flow. With the build in control and precision of the excavator, mulching around objects is not a problem, whether it’s in a ditch or overhead.
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